• By Heather Mundle

Hop Romance: Ontario’s Wet-Hopped Ales

Picking hops fresh off the vine and plonking them straight into the brew kettle is a trend that’s hot among craft brewers. Wet or fresh-hopped ales are hyper fresh: they can only be made during [...]

Hop Geek 6-Pack: Name that varietal!

Are you a beer freak like us? Then you might be obsessed with trying to identify the hop varietal in your brew. We've assembled a six pack of hop-forward beers that showcase ONE hop varietal more [...]

Hop Harvest: Q&A with Clear Valley Hops’ Laurie Thatcher-Craig

An oldie but a goodie, this post is from August of last year. We just chatted with Laurie to see how the harvest is going, check out the updates at the end. Hops farmers around [...]

9 Million Reasons to Love Barley + Cookbook Giveaway

In the beer world hops are like Jessica Alba — the dazzling superstar — and barley is like her husband — what’s his name again? He’s an actor, right? But I challenge you to think more deeply about [...]

WTF is Your Job Anyway?

So what exactly do two beer sommelier sisters and writers do for a living? That's a question we get a lot. When we're not writing about beer, we're spreading the good beer gospel through staff [...]


Seriously. Brewing beer was the reason that nomadic tribes decided to finally settle down and farm—it built civilization.

So what better way to bring your clients, staff, or guests together than over the most delicious, interesting and unique brews available in Canada?