• Beer Festival Entertainment Beer Sisters

Beer Sisters Entertain—in Texas!

When Visit Grapevine, one of America's leading tourism organizations, asked us to be the Beer Festival entertainment for their 33rd Festival we brought our A-Game. Grapevine, a suburb of Dallas, is a very special place, its [...]

Join the Beer Sisters’ Beer Book Club

We hosted our second Beer Sisters' Beer Book Club at Rainhard Brewing Co. in April. As part of our #BeerGoals for 2017, we started a beer book club for two reasons: as motivation to read through [...]

  • Cicerone Certified Beer Server Beer Saavy Beer Sommelier

So you wanna be a Cicerone? Come take some classes!

We are proud to announce that there will finally be Cicerone classes offered in Canada! Certified Cicerone Crystal Luxmore will be teaching the Beer Saavy Bootcamp, and the Off-Flavours Course on June 19th and 20th. [...]

  • Wile Ales, Farmhouse Ales

A guide to the funky, anything-goes world of farmhouse ales

Originally published in the Globe and Mail, February 7, 2016 So-called “farmhouse ale” is everywhere, put on the shelves by breweries both big and small. The style has its lineage in rustic saisons dating back [...]

  • What is ‘wild’ yeast, and why is it all the rage in wine, beer and cider?

What is ‘wild’ yeast, and why is it all the rage in wine, beer and cider?

Originally published in the Globe and Mail February 27, 2016 A single grapevine teems with life. There’s the fruit, of course, but I’m mainly talking about the tens of millions of microscopic bits of yeast, [...]


Seriously. Brewing beer was the reason that nomadic tribes decided to finally settle down and farm—it built civilization.

So what better way to bring your clients, staff, or guests together than over the most delicious, interesting and unique brews available in Canada?