9 Million Reasons to Love Barley + Cookbook Giveaway

In the beer world hops are like Jessica Alba — the dazzling superstar — and barley is like her husband — what’s his name again? He’s an actor, right? But I challenge you to think more deeply about [...]

WTF is Your Job Anyway?

So what exactly do two beer sommelier sisters and writers do for a living? That's a question we get a lot. When we're not writing about beer, we're spreading the good beer gospel through staff [...]

5 Things I Like About the Brew Box + CONTEST

By Tara Luxmore Let’s talk about the Brew Box Company. The Toronto-based startup has grown from a couple of young tech whizzes and brew lovers shipping beer from their basement, to a thriving beer-subscription business with over 800 [...]

Luxy’s Summer Sixer

By Tara Luxmore Here are 18 Reasons to Drink These Six Beers Now: Beat the Heat Belgian Wheat, Black Oak Brewing Co. Pours like hazy sunrise in a glass, with a punchy aroma of tart [...]

Win a Cider Week Prize Pack + 39 Ontario Ciders to Try

We've been loving learning all about cider over this past month — from judging at the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition (GLINTCAP), to getting sensory training from some cider icons, to scoping out the hard [...]


Seriously. Brewing beer was the reason that nomadic tribes decided to finally settle down and farm—it built civilization.

So what better way to bring your clients, staff, or guests together than over the most delicious, interesting and unique brews available in Canada?