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Top 4 Father’s Day Brews

OK, I’ll say it. My Dad’s favourite beer is Fruili. He has a big sweet tooth and was never much of a drinker. (My genetics must have come from my rye-loving grandmother). He’s not the […]

  • radlers

Beer & Juice! The 10 Best & Worst Radlers in Canada

As the sun shines hotter, brewers are mixing orange, lemon, grape or even passionfruit juice with lagers or wheat beers to give drinkers a taste of the “radlermass,” or “cyclist’s litre,” in German. According to […]

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Cottage Country Escape: A Pint at Sawdust City Brewing

We’re delighted to have Heather Mundle guest blogging for us on and off this summer.

After spending time since 2003 perfecting their craft, Sawdust City Brewing Co., decided it was time to put down some […]

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Beer MacGyver: 9 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do With Beer

1. Polish

“I use beer to shine leaves on my big rubber plant,” says Alma Lekic, a Toronto-based gerontologist “works wonders.” Beer’s acidity also make it a natural polish for gold, silver and copper jewelry. Just […]

Luksus: the best beer cuisine in North America

Originally published in the 2014 July issue of TAPS The Beer Magazine.
Luksus, a 26-seat restaurant that opened in Brooklyn, New York last July, is challenging what we know about beer cuisine – and at the helm […]


Seriously. Brewing beer was the reason that nomadic tribes decided to finally settle down and farm—it built civilization.

So what better way to bring your clients, staff, or guests together than over the most delicious, interesting and unique brews available in Canada?