Beer-washed cheeses ain’t cheap—and their delicate flavours could get lost in a grilled sandwich. So why not infuse beer into the bread instead? I tried Steam Whistle pilsner with an easy-melting Alpine-style gouda — the beer’s lightly grassy and the naturally bready flavours found a friend in the creamy, mildly fruity cheese.

Just mix one egg, a tablespoon of flour, a sprinkle of salt and 1/2 cup of your favourite beer together and pour into a shallow pan.


Soak each slice of bread in the beer batter, leave for a few seconds to absorb, and then fill with cheese and your other favourite fixings – I like bacon, avocado, turkey slices or pickled beets – then grill both sides until brown and crisp, and cheese is melted. Hot tip: I used a day-old baguette, and let the beer absorb for a few seconds longer to create flavour without sogginess.


Amp things up by drinking the crisp pilsner alongside the rich cheesy sandwich—it’ll cut right through the fat to refresh your tastebuds for the next bite.

I can think of other great beer and cheese pairings that would be fun to try:
IPA + Aged Cheddar on Whole Wheat
Nut Brown Ale + Aged Gouda, like Beemster on Rye
Barley Wine or Old English Ale + Roquefort Blue on Cranberry Walnut Bread
Witbier + Brie on Sourdough

I’d love to hear your ideas!