Every summer I look forward to the return of sours—from Nickel Brook’s Uber Berliner Weisse to Liberty Village’s Gose to imports like Cuvee des Jacobins. It pisses me off that we don’t see these around all year long, but I console myself by having an impassioned fling with them while the sun shines. Maybe it’s because I’m a nursing mama right now, but I crave hops—I have a fridge full of GLB’s Thrust IPA, and I dig some of the “session” IPA”s with huge tropical fruit aromas, like Muskoka’s Detour. When I eat (which is all the time) I pop the cork on a saison. The classic, Saison Dupont, is my go-to, and I grab my local’s, Left Field Brewery’s Sunlight Park Saison, whenever I can.

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