Couch potatoes all over Canada are rejoicing—Swiss Chalet’s festive special is back in all of its sodium-infused glory. This year we decided to take the spesh’ to the next level by pairing it gourmand-style with some tasty brews. We tried it with a ton of beer, and were surprised by how many clashed with the sweet and savory Chalet sauce. But we found plenty of brews that worked, and managed to narrow it down to the four best. And if you’re roasting your own bird and cooking up all the fixings, these beers will pair with that too.

Best for chicken stuffin’ lovers: Winterweiss, Muskoka Brewery

Spicy Belgian yeast and bready roasted malts stand up to the salty sauce-soaked chicken and doughy, peppery stuffing. The dunkelweizen’s full-on mouthfeel takes on the sticky, glutinous stuffing, and the brew’s effervescence chases the salt away, next bite please!

Best ultimate bite: Neustadt 10W30, Neustadt Springs Brewery

An English Ale’s mellow roastiness is a pleasing contrast with the tangy Special. The beer’s bitterness was muted by the savoury, salty goodness, while cranberry sauce brought the beer’s jammy English yeast to the fore.

Best with fries: Lugtread, Beau’s All Natural Brewing Company

Crisp, refreshing Lugtread cuts through the festive fat and the beer’s hop heft stands up to the salt.

Best finale: Kriek, Mort Subite

The sweet and tart lambic is drinks like a dollop of your mom’s homemade cranberry sauce. Pop a white chocolate Lindt in your mouth and sip the Subite, which gets refreshingly dry and super bubbly. Then try the 60% Cocoa Lindt—it amps up the beer’s sweetness and makes the cherry shine.