When paired with the just the right luscious treat, frothy beer can be your weapon of seduction. Here are my top five Valentine’s Day beer and food pairings to kickstart that steamy day.

Strawberries + Cream
Buy a wheel of Pierre Robert triple cream brie (it’s the best, trust me) and a few bottles of Mort Subite Framboise, a super- fruity, slightly wild lambic-style ale. Feed your honey a slice of the rich, buttery cheese and then, before the bite is done, a sip of the tart, raspberry beer. The contrasting combination of spritzy wild fruit and soft, velvety cheese will set just the right mood for lovin.' (Fotolia and LCBO photos)

Chocolate + Vanilla
Getting fancy is easy. Choose your favourite roasty porter or stout (not too sweet), pour to fill three quarters of a glass and top with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream. Top with a red maraschino cherry and when it comes time to serve, pop yours into your mouth all sexy-like. You know? My beer pick for this is a spiced stout, is Sawdust City’s Red Rocket, as it’ll amp up the fiery heat, creating a hot and cold sensation on the palate. (sawdustcitybrewing.com and Fotolia photos)

Seashore + Roast Coffee
Italian romantic Casanova used to breakfast on 50 oysters, and researchers have since proven that these bivalves are rich in libido-stimulating amino acids. Even better, raw oysters are perfect alongside beer—the sea brine and earthy kelp flavours of Irish oysters contrast perfectly against roasty stout. For more delicate B.C. or P.E.I. oysters, I favour an equally delicate pilsner, with a clipped hop finish, like Rickard’s Blonde. (Rickards.ca and Fotolia photos)

Citrus + Spice
Seduce that hophead in your life by feeding him cake with an American Pale Ale or India Pale Ale. The cinnamon and nutmeg in the cake will resonate with the zingy citrus and tropical fruit flavours of American hops, while the beer’s caramel backbone will contrast with the carrot’s sweet, earthy flavour and its bubbles will cut through the rich, cream cheese icing. Feed him cake and his favourite hoppy brew, and discover how these opposing flavours make for the perfect match. (Fotolio photos)

Beer in Chocolate
This year, Toronto’s queen of cake, Dufflet Pastries, approached Steam Whistle with the idea of a beer chocolate. The brewery chose their two favourites of Dufflet’s experimental creations to offer to the public: A sweet and salty milk chocolate Pretzel Beer Bite and a rich, dark chocolate Beer Ganache Truffle. Sold in a cute, vintage tin with six-packs of Steam Whistle, it’s a cool gift for your beer-loving partner. If you don’t live in Ontario, try wrapping up a box of dark chocolate ganache with a bottle of equally robust beer—eisbocks, sweet, bourbon-barrel aged porters and dopplebocks are some of my favourites. (Handout)