Detour_MuskokaIt’s hard to believe that Detour has only been in our lives for a year! I remember talking about the rise of the Session Ale as a beer trend to look for in 2014 on Global TV last January, and at the time, Detour hadn’t yet hit the LCBO or Beer Store.

Today, a mere mention of this 4.3% ABV ale sends tongues salivating, including mine. A big part of the beer’s beauty is in its aroma, which is the headiest and brightest of all the Session IPA’s or Pale Ales I’ll review this week.

Made with newer hop varietals: Citra, El Dorado and Sorachi Ace the nose erupts with notes of mango, tropical fruit and pine. The beer is apple-juice yellow and unfiltered. A wave of orange and grapefruit backed by prickly pine flavours comes with the first sip, but finishes with hints of soft grain and sweeter pear and pineapple.

I love the way this ale showcases the bolder, more bitter hop notes up front and then sweetens out a bit towards the end with fruit flavours—it’s bittersweet! Plenty of carbonation combined with judicious hopping make for that prickly mouthfeel that I crave in some IPA’s and the bubbles help to boost the ale’s lighter body.

Food Pairings 

With its bright, tropical fruitiness and saison-like spritzy carbonation,Detour would be great with spicy Mexican or sweet and sour Thai. Cottage Life put together three quick recipes to cook with Detour you can check ’em all out here—I’m going to try the bacon and clams, you can check it out above.