Homer Simpson was wrong: you can make friends with salad—as long as you serve that salad with a beer. From the floral notes of a Pilsner, to the nuttiness of an English Brown Ale, and the sweet, fruity intensity of a Belgian triple — beer’s flavours sync beautifully with peppery greens, toasted cashews and even tricky asparagus.

Check out my handy Beer and Salad Pairing Guide to figure out how to make the perfect salad to pair with any beer in your fridge.

Our top three pairing tips:

1. Match intensities. Having a very light garden salad? Choose an equally light beer, like a golden lager, or risk having the beer clobber the salad’s delicate flavours.

2. Salads contain a lot of ingredients—think about the two or three most intense flavours in your salad when choosing a beer to match.

3. Watch the acidity — tangy, sour dressings can clash with beer’s flavours. To cut down no the sour, substitute the beer you’re pairing in place of part of the vinegar or fresh-squeezed citrus.