My number one word for pairing beer and food? Intensity! If you can match the intensity of your beer with the intensity of your dish, you’re halfway home.

On Tuesday, July 22nd, I was invited to CHCHTV’s Morning Live to talk about the 2014 Toronto’s Festival of Beer, which took place from July 25-27. I brought my Wheel of Beer, which I created as a fun way to talk about how to find beer-and-food heaven. My buddy and talented graphic designer, Eric McBain, made the wheel look pretty, and my Dad cut the wooden wheel and built the stand out of salvaged hockey sticks.

The wheel is very well travelled—it spent this weekend at the Beer Fest, and it’ll be going with me to Beau’s Oktoberfest, where I’ll be leading a Beer 101 Session on Saturday, October 3rd for their School of Bock. Missed the show? Watch the clip here.