By Tara Luxmore

Here are 18 Reasons to Drink These Six Beers Now:

Beat the Heat Belgian Wheat, Black Oak Brewing Co.

  • Pours like hazy sunrise in a glass, with a punchy aroma of tart lemon and hints of orange.
  • The body is creamy but entirely fluffy at the same time.
  • Thank God Black Oak re-branded and re-categorized this delightful beer from a saison (NOT!) to a wheat beer. Yeah! Now my expectations are fulfilled! And the can is cute too.

Grab it at the LCBO, $3.10/473 ml

Bam Bière, Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales

  • The perfect summer saison, pours a lovely shade light golden with a long lasting white head, lots of lemony aroma leading to a peppery, funky sip with a dry, tart finale.
  • More versatile than Jennifer Lawrence’s acting prowess — it’s highly food friendly.
  • Referred to as “the founding father of American wild ales,” Jolly pumpkin brewer Ron Jeffries has a hardcore barrel-aging program, all of his beers are oak-aged, with wild yeast and sour-driven profiles. Oh, and they’re all vegan-friendly too.

Coming this week to the LCBO.

Mad Quacker, Lake Wilcox Brewing

  • Dark bread crusts on the nose leads to a gentle wash of whole wheat toast, grain, and a firm, balanced spicy and herbal bitter finale.
  • With more malt oomph and body than most summer lagers, its got enough intensity to pair up with sticky barbecued ribs, chicken burgers or grilled portobello mushrooms.
  • A “legit” contract brewery (it’s got a building and tanks coming in) the Lake Wilcox team hopes to open their Vaughan brewery this fall.

Grab it at the Beer Store, $2.90 / 473ml can

Brewmaster’s Selection Mixed Pack, Unibroue

  • You get one of all these beauties: Fin du Monde, Blanche de Chambly, Maudite, Éphémère Pomme,  Blonde de Chambly, Don de Dieu.
  • Stock it at parties—your “light”beer-drinking guests usually dig the wheat beers and blonde ale, leaving the wunderbar triple, La Fin du Monde, for you.
  • Another reason to skip The Beer Store—this six-pack is now a permanent fixture on LCBO shelves.

Grab it at the LCBO, $13.95 / 6-pack

Cidre Brut, Le Pere Jules

  • A sweet kiss of bruised apple and pear with a backhand of earthy, farmhouse flavours all the way from Normandy.
  • Tannins! They’re here—see if you can pick them up in the finish when you think of the mouth-coating dryness that a cup of over-steeped tea leaves in your mouth.
  • We don’t get classic Normandy ciders here very often, and this one reflects the region’s cider apple flavours and traditions. Here for a good time not a long time, so grab it once it hits the LCBO.

Be patient, it will hit LCBO shelves mid-July.

Mackeson Triple XXX Stout, Carib Brewery

  • There’s a reason this milk stout has been brewed since 1907, its smooth, light body, and sweet milk chocolate and lightly bitter coffee notes make it quaffable year round, and one of the best examples of the style.
  • Originally recommended for nursing mothers because of it’s supposed “nutritional value,” the milk in milk stout comes from adding lactose (milk sugar) to the brew.
  • Try it with stilton, the sweetness and roastiness of the stout brings out the salty funk of the cheese.

Grab it at the LCBO, $12.05 / 6-pack