18 Reasons to Drink These Six Beers Now

Ransack the Universe Hemisphere IPA, Collective Arts Brewing, Hamilton, Ontario

  • It’s worth the trip to the newly-opened Hamilton Brewery to grab this puppy fresh off the packaging line. We tried it a mere two days after it was canned and it was DELICIOUS. Each can and bottle has the date stamped right on it, so there’s no freshness-guessing involved.
  • This beer is a little like cracking open a can of Del Monte fruit salad: juicy pineapple, mango and grapefruit hop aromas and flavours, with a spicy, resinous finish, minus the in-your-face bitterness of some American-style IPA’s.
  • It’ll be in the LCBO (tallboys) and The Beer Store (bottles) this month.

Grab it at the LCBO or The Beer Store soon, $2.95/473ml can

Ransack the Universe

Saturday Night Cream Ale, Stack Brewing, Sudbury, Ontario

  •  A cream ale without the corn, (don’t ask, we didn’t), Saturday Night is a clean, easy-drinker that pairs well with lunch-y foods like sandwiches.
  • It’s really crackery with light bitterness and teeny-tiny palate-scrubbing bubbles. Drink with cheese to save on the cracker carbs. We feel skinnier already.
  • Having grown up on the north shore of Lake Superior, we have a thing for the north. Drink Stack, love Sudbury.

Grab it at the LCBO $2.80/473ml can

Saturday Night Cream Ale Stack Brewing

Cuvée Reserve Ale, Nickel Brook Brewing Co., Hamilton, Ontario

  • A complex beer with layers of flavour that work in harmony: the brewers added figs, raisins, orange peel, vanilla, allspice and black pepper to this rich, auburn ale, plus some wild yeast, then plunked it into bourbon barrels for a year. Whoa.
  • Like surprises? Buy one to put sock away for a year or more, and let the wild yeast take hold.
  • It’s $3 cheaper than Kentucky Bastard; a bargain at just $10.95 for a 750-ml bottle.

Grab it at the LCBO $10.95/750ml bottle.

Nickelbrook Cuvee Reserve Ale

Bock Me Gently Winter Copperbock, Big Rig Brewery, Ottawa, Ontario

  • Simple and elegant in the very best way: notes of honey and toast, with a clean finish.
  • A bit sweet and 7% ABV, keep it crisp by serving cool.
  • We dig her shiny, copper body and golden bubbles.

Grab it at the LCBO $2.75/473ml can.

Bock Me Gently Big Rig

Clausthaler Premim Non-Alcoholic Lager, Binding-Brauerei AG, Germany

  • We’ve tried all the non-alcoholic beers available in Ontario, and this is the best by far. (Don’t believe me? It took home the Gold Medal at the World Beer Awards in 2015, 2013, 2011, 2010 & 2009).
  • The German brewery recently switched out the hops bill from Noble to Cascade hops for a citrusy, bitter brew —— it’s more hop-forward than the other near beers we’ve tasted.
  • Its bubbly, weighty body feels like the real deal.

Grab it online at PremiumNearBeer.com, $47.50/case (24 x 330ml bottles)

Clausthaler Premium Lager


Sol Cerveza, Cuauhtémoc Moctezuma Brewery, Mexico

  • Still brewed in Mexico, Sol is simple and refreshing with aromas of airy, grocery-store bakery bread and zippy citrus.
  • No budget for a winter getaway? Close your eyes and take a sip —— you can almost hear the waves crashing on the shore. Now cry a little, because you can only afford to go there in your mind. Your beautiful, beautiful mind.
  • Cheer up by creating an authentic “I’m at a resort” experience by rimming the bottle with salt and sticking a lime in it. It’ll solve everything.

Grab it at the LCBO, $12.50/ 6-pack

Sol Beer with Lime

What’s in your Winter Sixer? Share your picks in the comments below!