We are proud to announce that there will finally be Cicerone classes offered in Canada!

Certified Cicerone Crystal Luxmore will be teaching the Beer Saavy Bootcamp, and the Off-Flavours Course on June 19th and 20th.

This is the first Beer Saavy Bootcamp in Toronto, taking place June 19, 2017  in Liberty Village

Boost your beer IQ and prepare for the Certified Beer Server exam with this fun, interactive class put on by the Cicerone® Certification Program—the leaders in beer service certification and training.

BeerSavvy Bootcamp

During this class you will:
• Learn the difference between taste and flavour
• Taste different types of malt
• Smell hops from the US and Europe
• Taste and study six foundational beer styles
• Experience the spectrum of flavours found in beer
• Understand the common variations that occur in beer styles
• See how other styles relate to the core six
• Learn how to talk about the flavor of beer with customers
• Participate in creating flavor descriptions for six classic beers
• Review proper beer service for bottles and draft
• Learn how to spot a dirty beer glass from across the room

Participants also receive a short book of readings and resources to help them prepare for the Certified Beer Server exam. Combined with the class, this book will prepare individuals to take the exam and join the ranks of more than 85,000 beer professionals who have achieved this certification. (Note: the cost of the class does not include the exam.)


This is the first Beer Off-Flavour Course in Toronto, taking place June 20, 2017 in Liberty Village.

Great for Certified Cicerone candidates and homebrewers!
Hands-on learning about six different common beer off flavours. The seminar lasts approximately 1-1.5 hours.
The tasting is geared towards the off-flavours tested on the Certified Cicerone exam, but is open to anyone who is interested. Off flavours presented will be LightStruck, DMS, Diacetyl, Trans-2-Nonenal, Infection, and Acetaldehyde.
Familiarization with common beer off flavours is an important key to success on the Certified Cicerone® Tasting Exam.

NOTE: Pre-registration with a Cicerone account is required, no tickets available at the door.


We’ll be posting more dates in the future, stay tuned to get more Cicerone Program news.